WUTIF started making investments in late 2004 and to 2017 invested more than $7 million in 71 companies in British Columbia.

To date, five companies produced profitable returns to WUTIF. Three companies – Brightside Technologies, Clearvision Technologies and Daiya Foods Inc – were sold, one company – EQO Communications – was liquidated, and two others – Northwest Mettech and Wolf Medical were short-term loan investments that were repaid. While many underperforming companies have been written down (or off), there are over 40 active companies that are growing and increasing in value.

Some of these companies are featured here.

A complete listing of all companies that WUTIF has invested in, along with financial information, is available to current investors of WUTIF on the confidential page for shareholders.

Augurex FoundersAugurex Life Sciences Corp

Augurex is a biotechnology company that is focused on the development of biomarkers, which are substances in the body that inform patient conditions to assist in their diagnosis and to help optimize therapy selection and patient management. Extracellular 14-3-3η protein represents the company’s first biomarker and also serves as a drug target for the potential treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a particularly debilitative form of arthritis. By commercializing a biomarker for arthritis, Augurex is enabling a personalized medicine application for a potentially much larger commercial market and shareholder exit.

Agreement Express Inc.

Agreement Express is a leading provider of content integration and distribution solutions for learning, performance and knowledge management. AE is dedicated to providing products and services that improve operating margin for its customers by streamlining their organizational processes. Agreement Express reduces waste in organizations by fully automating any business approval process. It reduces or eliminates associated labor costs, frees up more time to focus on sales, and minimizes the organization’s carbon footprint.

Zymeworks Inc

Zymeworks is committed to the development of best in class antibody and protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Zymeworks combines proprietary molecular simulation technology with high performance computing to design and optimize protein therapeutics. In September, 2011, Zymeworks announced the completion of a financing totaling $8.1 million. Zymeworks will use the proceeds to advance its Azymetric™ and AlbuCORE™ platforms, as well as the development of Zymeworks’ best-in-class protein therapeutics pipeline in the areas of cancer, autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.

In April, 2017, Zymeworks completed an IPO and is now listed on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the ticker symbol, “ZYME”.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

Ostara is a global leader in nutrient management solutions. The company’s proprietary Pearl® Process removes phosphorus and nitrogen from municipal and industrial wastewaters and transforms them into an environmentally responsible, slow-release fertilizer called Crystal Green®. Ostara’s innovative technology is a cost-effective solution to struvite issues at treatment plants and helps protect waterways from nutrient overload that causes eutrophication resulting in coastal dead zones. The promise of Ostara’s solution has earned the company numerous awards including being named to the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers for 2011 and to the prestigious Global Cleantech 100 three years running.

Daiya Foods Inc

Daiya has created a proprietary (secret formula) vegan cheese product that is not soy based and contains no allergins. It has received acclaim from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres for its cheese-like quality. In Vancouver, restaurants like Naam use it exclusively as does Panago Pizza to cater to vegetarian tastes. The company’s products are now carried by grocers throughout North America. The products are available at Whole Foods, Krogers, Thrifty Foods, SuperValu, Zehrs and Loblaws. NOTE: Daiya was sold to a Japanese Firm, Otsuka, in August 2017 for $405 million. WUTIF received a 28X multiple on its investment in Daiya.

Aquatic Informatics Inc

Aquatic Informatics provides software solutions that address critical water data management and analysis challenges for the rapidly growing environmental monitoring industry. Aquatic Informatics is focused on providing solutions to a range of different customers including  federal, state/provincial or local government departments, hydropower operators, mining companies, academic groups and consulting organizations, who collect, manage and process large volumes of water quality or quantity data. In June, 2017, the Company amalgamated with WaterTrax and Linko Technology to become the largest water data management company in the world.

LightIntegra Technology Inc

LightIntegra is developing a technology to save the lives of cancer, heart surgery and bleeding patients through determination of platelet quality before transfusion. LightIntegra’s ThromboLUX technology measures the entire spectrum of particles in blood plasma as well as platelet function in only 10 minutes.

General Fusion Inc.

General Fusion is working on a new, patent pending concept based on a recent development in fusion research called Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF). MTF has been building momentum in the fusion community for a few years now. It is the goal of General Fusion to demonstrate this new clean, safe and economical concept by 2010. The scientific establishment has spent billions over the last 40 years studying ways of building a practical fusion reactor to produce power. Slow, but steady progress has been maintained and today there is a shift from “can it be done?” to “how can we do it economically?” in the fusion research community. The goal of General Fusion is to produce power economically and safely from by applying fusion theory. The company has raised in excess of $30 million.

Switch Materials Inc.

SWITCH Materials Inc. develops advanced materials for use in next generation smart windows. SWITCH’s technology is based on proprietary molecules that ‘switch’ optical properties on command. The technology promises to deliver scalable and affordable smart window products for the commercial and institutional building and transportation markets.  SWITCH Materials’ smart window film technology is derived from a proprietary family of hybrid chromophores that exhibit both photochromic and electrochromic properties.  SWITCH has developed these chromophores into an economical smart film that can be applied to float glass for dynamic, user-controlled smart windows.

Clevest Solutions Inc.

The Clevest team are experts at mobile workforce automation solutions for utilities. They have a long and successful track record of creating, deploying and supporting solutions around the world. The Company provides a scalable solution for small- to medium-sized utilities as well as for the smart grid including deployment and post-deployment activities on a single handheld computer.

Neurio (formerly Energy Aware Technology Inc.)

Energy-Aware develops solutions that make global issues relevant to individuals and motivate them to bring sustainability into their homes. Energy Aware’s products provides consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to make a difference by better managing their energy consumption through the use of in-home displays that monitor electrical energy consumption.

Bionic Power Inc

This Simon Fraser University spin-off has development of the “Biomechanical Energy Harvester”. The wearable technology unobtrusively generates electricity from the natural motion of walking and uses it to charge a wide range of portable battery-powered devices. The Harvester resembles an orthopedic knee brace, weighs about three pounds, and extracts up to seven watts of electricity from each leg – roughly the amount needed to simultaneously operate 14 mobile phones. The next generation of the device will be much smaller, lighter, and even more efficient.

INETCO Systems Limited

INETCO Insight is the first universally-applicable business transaction intelligence product line for enterprises. It monitors
network traffic in real-time to decode and analyze transaction flow. It correlates full transaction detail across layers 3-7, preserving valuable network- and application-layer information to speed problem-solving efforts. Multiple application transaction flows can be collected and compared in the web interface, helping IT managers understand complex application interaction problems.

GUARD RFID Solutions Inc

GUARD Guard RFID has developed an Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware and software platform that will initially be used to create solutions for Asset Management, Infant Security and Patient Protection for Healthcare facilities, with Infant Security as its market entry point. This platform will then be enhanced to offer Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for Healthcare as well as Industrial use.

Quickmobile Inc

QuickMobile empowers companies to connect, engage, and interact with their mobile customers. The Company’s customizable software solutions allow you to deliver targeted mobile communications and content quickly, easily, and cost effectively. For example, it’s a tool that hotels could use to promote special offers to guests while they visit.

GenomeDx Inc

GenomeDx discovers, develops, and commercializes genomic-based laboratory tests for the personalized medicine revolution in cancer care. In partnership with physicians and scientists from leading academic medicine institutions, their mission is to bring cost-effective and high-resolution genomics for routine clinical use in cancer medicine. The Company’s vision is to make genomic information more accessible to oncology professionals, thereby enabling them to design personalized treatments and deliver better cancer care.

Saltworks Technologies Inc

Saltworks is developing a water desalination technology that uses solar energy to reduce the energy consumption that conventional desalination systems require.

Target Tape Inc

Target Tape is developing a proprietary system to improve medical procedure and surgical incision localization by improving the information a medical professional needs to localize their procedure.

Mazza Innovation Ltd

Mazza Innovation provides extraction system(s) for high value phytochemicals from plants using low polarity water— a clean, environmentally friendly process, requiring no organic solvents and providing the capacity to extract multiple classes of phytochemicals during a single extraction operation; “know-how” and “show-how” on how to extract or fractionate novel, high value compounds from plants; and, sales of sublicenses and extraction/fractionation equipment.

Reward Stream Inc

RewardStream provides recommendation marketing solutions that help businesses encourage, facilitate and track word-of-mouth and social recommendations, making the most of their brand’s most prolific source of new customers – their existing customers and fans. RewardStream provides solutions to make it easier – and more fun and worthwhile – for people to share their recommendations with friends.

Solegear Bioplastics IncSolegear makes plastics from plants as alternatives to oil-based plastics. The Company is focused on designing, producing and distributing two kinds of high performance plastics: Polysole®, a high performance plastic made from plants that is compostable and Traverse™, a biocomposite made by mixing conventional plastic with plant-based fibers.

For more information or for introductions to these companies, please contact Mike Volker: mike@volker.org.
This list can be found at: https://wutif.wordpress.com/portfolio/
Last Updated: 2017.12.09

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